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Dock No.1

If you read our previous blog post ‘Must See Visits In The Three Cities’, then you’d know that we’ve stressed on the cardinal mistakes that tourists make when visiting our island, and that is, Missing out on your day trip to the three cities. So if you’re a foreigner visiting the island and not sure where to start searching, don’t worry we have that covered for you!

Getting To The Three Citites

Let’s assume you’re not currently spending your stay within the three cities. Finding your way to the three cities is a breeze with several luzzu’s shuttling to and from Valletta to the Three Cities or a ferry service from Sliema. A quick google search, however, should provide you with plenty of transportation options. 

Starting Your Day

Start your day by grabbing a coffee and a scrumptious  breakfast at the Dockno.1 Cafe. Once you’re done, take a stroll through the winding roads that Birgu has to offer. Take your time and immerse yourself in one of the most traditionally authentic corners this island has to offer. During this time (1/2 hrs) you have no fixed destination, simply take your time. Don’t forget to look up whilst you’re walking around, some traditional Maltese balconies showcase the impressive character and fine details.

Take A Trip To The Inquisitors Palace

The Inquisitors Palace, also known as the sacred palace, is a palace in Birgu. It was once the seat of the Maltese inquisition. The palace had been previously used for a number of purposes, including a military hospital, but is now currently being used as a museum.

 The building is one of the few surviving palaces of its kind in the world and the only one which is open to the public — not to be missed! 

Head Over To St. Lawrence's Church In Birgu

This striking building sits by Birgu’s waterfront and dates back to the 17th century. The Building sits in a relatively tranquil and calm setting and is open for daily ceremonies.

Move Over To The Marina

The Vittoriosa Yacht Marina is the heart of the three cities and beholds a very different ambiance to the back streets of Birgu. When walking on the promenade one could stop at one of the many seaside restaurants to enjoy a meal or just a coffee and just admire the glamorous superyachts birthed at the end of the Marina. 

Visit Fort St. Angelo

For quite some time, Fort St Angelo was the stronghold on the southern side of the Grand Harbour, playing a pinnacle role in the great siege in 1565.

A visit to Fort St Angelo includes walking along its high fortress walls and rooftops, allowing for spectacular views across the Three Cities and Valletta. If you’re into history and culture, then the fort will not disappoint you. Within the fort’s walls lies a museum with plenty of exhibits taking you back a few hundred centuries. Throughout the Countries history, The Romans, Normans, Ottomans, French, English have fought and ruled over Malta. 

Don’t rush this one. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the views the fort has on offer.

Make Your Way To Senglea

Sengla as a location may have little on offer when it comes to mainstream attractions, however, one thing we do surely recommend is to simply take a stroll through the back streets and immerse yourself in the pure Maltese surroundings.

Whilst walking through Senglea you may experience a culture shock, especially if you’re one that has only been exposed to the Northern side of Malta. Like Birgu, once you’re walking through Senglea, don’t forget to look up.

If you’re curious to find out how very traditional Maltese people live, then the Senglea may just grant you that intuitive insight.

Visit The Senglea Basilica

This Is a definite landmark that Senglea has to offer. The church is situated very close to the entrance to the Sengla and is usually open to tourists with ongoing mass ceremonies throughout the week.

Get To Gardjola Gardens For Sunset

Think of Gardjola Gardens as the underrated little sibling of the Upper Barrkka Gardens. Gardjola Gardens sits on top of a historical fort showcasing panoramic views of the capital city of Valletta. Although The gardens themselves may have little to offer, one will surely not be disappointed by the views on offer.

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