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When tourists visit Malta they usually tend to flock to the seaside or Malta’s capital city, Valletta. Although the Maltese beaches have a lot to offer, and Valletta beholds a tremendous amount of history and cultural heritage, visiting tourists sometimes make the cardinal mistake of missing out on a day’s visit to the beautiful three cities. 

The three cities consist of BirguSenglea, and Cospicua that sit across the Grand Harbour and surround the Vittoriosa Marina. In fact, the three cities can be viewed from one of Malta’s most famous viewpoints, The upper Barrakka gardens, which boast panoramic views of the Mediterranean sea, the grand harbour, and its many fortified walls. 

The three cities aren’t actually the only three cities we have in Malta, it’s just a fancy name that we adopted to describe the locations mentioned above. The three cities are small residential villages that pack a punch and offer some must-see attractions — We listed our favourite things to do whilst visiting the three cities. 

Gardjola Gardens

Think of Gardjola Gardens as the underrated little sibling of the Upper Barrkka Gardens. Gardjola Gardens sits on top of a historical fort showcasing panoramic views of the capital city of Valletta. Although The gardens themselves may have little to offer, one will surely not be disappointed by the views on offer. 

Senglea's Backstreets

Sengla as a location may have little to offer when it comes to mainstream attractions, however, one thing we do surely recommend is to simply take a stroll through the back streets and immerse yourself in the pure Maltese surroundings.

 Whilst walking through Senglea you may experience a culture shock, especially if you’re one that has only been exposed to the Northern side of Malta. You’re also bound to hear a lot of Maltese chitchat within the streets and stumble upon several Maltese balconies. 

If you’re curious to find how very traditional Maltese people live, then the three cities may just grant you that intuitive insight. 

Vittoriosa Marina

The Vittoriosa Yacht Marina is the heart of the three cities and beholds a very different ambiance to the back streets of Senglea. The Vittoriosa Marina played a crucial part in Malta’s history serving the knights of St.John. 

When walking on the promenade one could stop at one of the many seaside restaurants to enjoy a meal or just a coffee and admire the glamorous superyachts moored at the end of the Marina.

Fort St.Angelo

For quite some time, Fort St Angelo was the principal stronghold on the southern side of the Grand Harbour, played a pinnacle role in the great siege in 1565. 

A visit to Fort St Angelo includes walking along its high fortress walls and rooftops, allowing for spectacular views across the Three Cities and Valletta. Within the fort’s thick limestone walls, lies a number of museum-like exhibits that cover both the fort’s history, but also how previous residents of the island carried an influence over the Maltese culture.

Throughout the Countries history, The Romans, Normans, Ottomans, French, English, and plenty more have fought and ruled over the islands of Malta. 

Inquisitors Palace

The Inquisitors Palace, also known as the sacred palace, is a palace in Birgu Malta. It was the seat of the Maltese inquisition. The palace was used for a number of purposes, including as a military hospital, a mess hall, and a convent. The building is one of the few surviving palaces of its kind in the world and the only one which is open to the public.

Today the Inquisitor’s palace today is being used as a museum. A visit to the museum includes plenty of information and artifacts relating to the Inquisition on Malta, touching on punishments, torture, and how people were identified as having transgressed.

 Once at the museum one can appreciate the palace’s architecture and the especially well-preserved murals, artifacts, and hand-painted walls.

St. Lawrence's Church, Birgu

This striking building sits by Birgu’s waterfront and dates back to the 17th century. The Building sits in a relatively tranquil and calm setting and is open for daily ceremonies

Walking Through Birgu's City Center

Close off your day by walking through Birgus’s charming city center and many narrowly winding side pedestrian side streets. This small maze of streets is a modern-day time machine taking you back hundreds of years. This quiet corner of Malta boasts charm and cultural heritage with fine details being displayed in the architecture. 

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