Best Restaurants In The Three Cities

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The famous three cities (Cospicua, Vittorisa and Senglea) are all neighbouring inlets and a stone-throw away from our lovely boutique stay.

The three cities as a location comparative to its size has a high concentration of restaurants, many of which can be found in the Cospicua Marina.

We went ahead and listed our top 5 Restaurants that you should visit whilst here.

Hammett's Macina

The inspiration behind the menu of Hammett’s Macina is believed to be derived from the Maltese language itself, tracing the menus core inspirations to Malta’s Mediterranean-Semitic roots, with a fine eye for detail and a cotemporary twist.

All dish severed by the restaurant are infused by fresh local and seasonal produce, sending guests taste-buds on a culinary adventure. 

The menu mainly comprises dishes to share ensuring that guests feed off an intimate, homely and cultural experience, whilst also giving one the opportunity to try as many items on the menu as possible.

This restaurant isn’t short of any talent. The menu is constructed by a multi-award winning team, led by Head Chef Jorge Lugo and directed by award winning Chef and restaurateur Chris Hammett. In 2020 the restaurant was awarded a Michelin plate in the 2020 guide.

One of the best restaurants in the three cities is the beautiful Hammets Macina.


Situated at the foot of Fort St.Angelo’s dominating presence sits the little Maltese restaurant. The Terrone restaurant has to be one of the most scenic restaurants that the Maltese islands has to offer.

The restaurant combines a rustic charm with contemporary regional cuisine. The focus mainly being on southern Italian and local Maltese gastronomy that utilises the finest local produce that our islands have to offer. 

The talented chef (Adrian) running the show holds a wide and versatile culinary background having cooked in several locations such as Australia, Italy & The United Kingdom in London’s very famous Riviera Cafe. 

In 2020, the restaurant was awarded a Michelin Bib Gourmand proving the quality of food that Torrone has to offer to its guests, alongside its top-notch service. 

If you’re a foreigner looking to up your Maltese experience, you cannot miss out on what this charming restaurant had to offer.


Enchanté Restaurant, as the name indicates, is an enchanting restaurant boasting a beautiful backdrop of the Birgu harbour. The restaurant is located right by the sea, and guests have either the option of dining within the charming property or outside. 

The menu is mainly composed of local fish and pasta dishes, giving the restaurant a pure authentic Mediterranean vibe. If you’re not quite the fishy person, don’t worry, the menu also holds a list of mouth watering meat dishes too!

The staff members are efficient, the portions are both generous and delicious, and the restaurant claims a vast wine list to pair up nicely with any dish selected. 

Del Borgo

Cheese and wine anyone? 

Del Borgo boasts a fantastic offering and a wide selection of foreign and local wines (over 300 to be exact) with a strong emphasis on local produce. 

Del Borgo forms part of a typical Maltese dwelling with a lot of character and a personality of its own. The restaurant maintains dim lighting throughout the venue — perfect for any intimate dining moments. 

Guests can surely indulge themselves within the cosy setting, whilst enjoying a bottle of wine (or two) and a platter to share!

Tal Petut

If you’re looking to be immersed in pure Maltese cuisine, then Tal Petut might be of your interest. Like Del Borgo, the restaurant is situated in a traditional Maltese dwelling serving strictly traditional Maltese food. 

The Menu mainly comprises dishes to share, with generous quantities served. The Restaurants Specialities would include rabbit, pork cheeks and tapas. 

The wine list is broad, so every visitor can find something that satisfies their taste.

Staff are friendly, and as you guessed it — very Maltese and old-fashioned. 


San Giorgio

San Girigio cafe specialises in Italian food, for those looking for an authentic Italian experience in the city centre. 

Like all restaurants mentioned in this article, San Giorgio is no exception and also sources all its ingredients from locally sourced food suppliers, ensuring that there is no compromise on the food being served. 

The Cafe is famous for its Italian dessert treats, in particular its cannoli!

The cafe is located within an intimate and traditional Maltese square. Guests can really indulge in the traditional Maltese surroundings whilst enjoying homely Italian food


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